Edited Books


2018. Socially Extended Epistemology. Oxford: Oxford University Press. With J. A. Carter, A. Clark, J. Kallestrup, and D. Pritchard.

2018 Extended Epistemology. Oxford: Oxford University Press. With J. A. Carter, A. Clark, J. Kallestrup, and D. Pritchard.

Journal Articles

Forthcoming. Collaborative Knowledge: Where the Distributed and Commitment Models MergeSynthese

Forthcoming. System Reliabilism and Basic Beliefs: Defeasible, Undefeated and Likely to Be True. Synthese. (PDF)


Forthcoming. The Teacher Bandwidth Problem: MOOCs, Connectivism and Collaborative Knowledge. Educational Theory. With Ben Kotzee. 


Forthcoming. Epistemic Collaborations: Distributed Cognition and Virtue ReliabilismErkenntnis. (PDF)

2018. Epistemic Presentism. Philosophical Psychology. 31(3), 458-478. (PDF) (DOI)

2017. Social Machines: A Philosophical Engineering. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences. 16(5), 953–978 (PDF) (DOI)

2017. Semantic Inferentialism as (a Form of) Active Externalism. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences. 16(3): 387 - 402. With Adam Carter and Jamie Collin. (PDF) (DOI)

2016. Is Having Your Computer Compromised a Personal Assault? The Ethics of Extended Cognition. The Journal of the American Philosophical Association. 2 (4) 542-560. With Adam Carter. (PDF)

2016. Epistemic Internalism, Content Externalism and the Subjective/Objective Justification Distinction. American Philosophical Quarterly. 53 (3):231-244. With Adam Carter. (PDF)

2016. The Dynamics of Group Cognition. Minds and Machines. 26(4), 409-440. (PDF) (DOI).

2016. Spreading the Credit: Virtue Reliabilism and Weak Epistemic Anti-Individualism. Erkenntnis. 81(2): 305-334. (PDF) (DOI) 

2015. Active Externalism, Virtue Reliabilism and Scientific Knowledge. Synthese. 192: 2955(PDF) (DOI)

2015. Could Reliability Naturally Imply Safety?, European Journal of Philosophy. 23 (4): 1192–1208. (PDF) (DOI)

2015. Active Externalism and Epistemic Internalism. Erkenntnis. 80 (4): 753–772. With Adam Carter. (PDF) (DOI)

2015. Extended Emotion. Philosophical Psychology. 29 (2): 198-217. With Emma Gordon and Adam Carter.  (PDF) (DOI)

2014. Knowledge and Cognitive Integration. Synthese. 191(8): 1931-1951. (PDF) (DOI)

2014. Varieties of Externalism. Philosophical Issues, 24(1), 63-109. With Adam Carter, Jesper Kallestrup and Duncan Pritchard. (PDF) (DOI)



2014. Loops, Constitution, and Cognitive Extension. Cognitive Systems Research. 27: 25-41. (PDF) (DOI)


2013. Extended Knowledge and Social Epistemology. Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective2 (8): 105-120. With Duncan Pritchard. (PDF) (DOI)


2011. Belief-Forming Processes, Extended. Review of Philosophy and Psychology, 2 (4): 741-765. (PDF) (DOI)

2011. Dualism in the Epistemology of Testimony and the Ability Intuition, Philosophia, Vol. 39 (3): 597-613. (PDF) (DOI)

Book Chapters

Forthcoming. Bees Do It; Distributed Cognition and Psychophysical Laws. In Handbook for Distributed Team Cognition. McNeese, M., Salas, E., and Endsley, M. (eds.). CRC Taylor and Francis). (PDF)

2018. Group Know-How. In Socially Extended Epistemology. J. Adam Carter, Andy Clark, Jesper Kallestrup, S. Orestis Palermos and Duncan Pritchard (eds.). Oxford University Press. With Deborah Tollefsen. (PDF)

2018. New Humans: Ethics, Trust and the Extended Mind. In Extended Epistemology. J. Adam Carter, Andy Clark, Jesper Kallestrup, S. Orestis Palermos and Duncan Pritchard (eds.). Oxford University Press. With Andy Clark and Adam Carter. (PDF)

2017. Augmented Skepticism: The Epistemological Design of Augmented Reality. In Augmented Reality. Reflections on its Contribution to Knowledge Formation, José  María Ariso (ed), 2017, De Gruyter (series: Berlin Studies in Knowledge Research), Berlin & New York. (PDF)

2016. The Distribution of Epistemic Agency. In Social Epistemology and Epistemic Agency: De-Centralizing Epistemic Agency. (ed.) P. Reider, (Rowman & Littlefield). With Duncan Pritchard. (PDF)

Edited Journal Issues
Forthcoming. Knowledge, Virtue and Action: Eastern and Western Perspectives. Special issue of Synthese. With J. A. Carter, C. M, & D. Pritchard. 

Forthcoming. Varieties of Externalism: Epistemic, Content, Vehicle. Special issue of American Philosophical Quarterly.  With J. A. Carter, J. Kallestrup, and D. Pritchard)

2014. Extended Knowledge. Special issue of Philosophical Issues, Vol. 24 (1): 1-482. With J. A. Carter, J. Kallestrup, D. Pritchard (DOI)

Reference Articles

2015. Active Externalism and Epistemology. Oxford Bibliographies Online. With J. A. Carter (PDF)|(DOI)

General Audience Articles

2015. To Google, or not to Google, During Exams. In Education Technology. With D. Pritchard

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